February 1993

A Trace Known: Five Songs to words by Anne Cluysenaar


Baritone and Piano

Anne and I wrote our first song cycle, If Mind Remember, over five days, whilst on a course for poets and composers at Totleigh Barton in Devon in 1991. During a concert when these were subsequently performed I presented her, and indirectly myself, with the challenge of writing a set of love songs which weren’t ‘plastic’ in the way that popular songs often are. I thought no more of the conversation until a few weeks later when five astounding poems arrived in the post.

The text sung incorporates slight changes made prior to publication of the poems in Anne Cluysenaar’s Timeslips (Carcanet Press 1997).

First performed by Jeremy Watkins and Michael Butterfield at St. Odoceus’ Church, Llandogo, and The Bishop’s Palace, Wells, February 1993.

The audio clips are from the 2nd and 3rd songs in the set, performed by the above performers at Wells.


  • 1
    A Trace Known: Here, Where You've Never Been
  • 2
    A Trace Known: You Seem As You Were

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