March 2009

Chansons for Violin and Piano


Chanson en fa (1989)
Chanson en sol (1999)
Chanson en la (2009)
Chanson en mi bémol (1979)

First performance of this compilation by Ruth Palmer and Alexei Grynyuk at Kings Place, London, on 1st March 2009, as part of the London Chamber Music Society series.
(Chanson en sol was commissioned for Haru and Maki Sekiya by the Institute of Socio-Cultural Development, Japan, and first performed by Haru and Maki Sekiya, Leicester Cathedral, August 1999, at a concert of the Anglo- Japanese Music Society)

 The four audio clips are taken from each of the four Chansons in turn, as performed at the King’s Place Concert by Ruth Palmer and Alexei Grynyuk.


  • 1
    Chanson - 1 - F
  • 2
    Chanson - 2- G
  • 3
    Chanson - 3 - A
  • 4
    Chanson - 4 - Eb

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