June 2019

Kantate: Völkerwanderungsbilder


14 minutes, Full Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (SATB)

Commissioned by Internationaler Arbeitskreis für Musik with funds provided by Felicitas und Werner Egeland-Stiftung.

This piece took as its theme the phenomenon of migration, from the earliest of migrations of humans out of Africa to those initiated by war and poverty currently in progress. It is a feature of this work that it incorporates vocal parts that may be performed by those new to our musical culture.

The work received its premiere on 4th August in Ede, Netherlands, conducted by Kerry Jago and featuring young vocal soloists recently arrived in Germany and the Netherlands from war torn parts of the world. A video of a part of this work appears here.

Sample pages of the full score appear in the Sample Pages section here, with the text in English and German preceding the music pages. Please contact the composer for sight of the vocal score.

Sample Score Pages