November 1993



Chamber Orchestra

Moskenesoya is an island at the far end of the Norwegian Lofoten chain, which juts into the sea just above the Arctic Circle. I recently travelled there with my son, visiting a friend on the island as part of a long journey northwards; in the boat that grey morning we felt suddenly daunted by the coldness of what we saw – the jagged profile on the horizon becoming magnified as we approached into a fiercely beautiful mountainscape. What sparked off this music for’ me was the contrast between such initial images and feelings and what we later found there – a quiet companionship, a deep love in our friend for the island, and a real joy in her and in us as we travelled across it together.

Written for Raymond Warren and the Bristol University New Music Ensemble; first performed by them at The Great Hall, University of Bristol, November 1993.

The audio clip is taken from a central portion of this work, played by the above performers.


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