December 1998

. . . Snatches Of Lovely Oblivion . . . Four Songs to Poems by D.H.Lawrence


Chamber Choir (SATB) and String Quartet; 17 minutes

Shortlisted by SPNM

First performed by The Carillon Choir of St Albans, conducted by Simon Brown, 18th December 1998, at The Purcell School, London.

The clips are taken from a recording of the première by the above performers.

The first clip is the opening of Shadows

The second clip is the opening of Dog Tired

Next comes the opening of Trust

The final clip is the ending portion of the simultaneous setting of A White Blossom and Piano


  • 1
    ...Snatches Of Lovely Oblivion - 1 Shadows
  • 2
    ...Snatches Of Lovely Oblivion - 2 Dog-Tired
  • 3
    ...Snatches Of Lovely Oblivion - 3 Trust
  • 4
    ...Snatches Of Lovely Oblivion - 4 A White Blossom And Piano

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