April 1973

String Quartet No. 1


String Quartet, plus Tenor in the final movement (which is a setting of Edith Sitwell’s Still Falls the Rain).

First performance of a previous version of the quartet in April 1973 at The Recital Hall, Huddersfield, by Herbert Whone Quartet.


  •  I Allegro Fugato
  • II Intermezzo
  • III In Nomine
  • IV Serenata: Still Falls the Rain

The first audio clip is from a recent performance of the third movement (In Nomine) by the Edinburgh Quartet at University of Aberdeen.

The second clip is not from this quartet at all, but from an earlier setting of Edith Sitwell’s Still Falls the Rain which became the finale of this quartet – performed here by David Lennox, tenor, and an instrumental ensemble conducted by Richard Steinitz.


  • 1
    String Quartet No. 1 (In Nomaine) - 3rd Movement
  • 2
    String Quartet No. 1 (Still Falls The Rain) - 4th Movement

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