July 2000

String Quartet No. 3: Within, Above, Beyond


20 minutes (one movement)

Written for the 2000 Cheltenham International Festival of Music in a project supported by Mr Jack Black and the Lord Ashdown Charitable Trust

First performance July 10th 2000 at Cheltenham, by the Sorrel String Quartet, with live broadcast on BBC Radio 3 (with interview).

First overseas performance December 1st 2002 as part of New Music Concerts season, Toronto, Ontario, by the Accordes String Quartet.

The two audio clips are from a performance by the Accordes String Quartet at a New Music Concerts event in Toronto in 2002. Both clips demonstrate the shifting into and out of contrasting soundworlds described in the programme note.


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    String Quartet No. 3 - Clip 1
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    String Quartet No. 3 - Clip 2

Sample Score Pages


“The composer’s strengths lie in his realisation that, even in so emotive and emotionally loaded theme as (the Holocaust), the artistic and aesthetic are the key considerations . . . And what emerges here is a powerful, poignant and memorable piece that is devoid of mawkishness.”

(John Adler in Jewish Chronicle)

“Palmer’s use of quotations from Puccini…was quite effective, and the passionate nature of the piece was .. most compelling.”

(Robert Harris in The Globe and Mail, following Toronto performance of String Quartet No. 3: Within, above, beyond)