August 2009

String Quartet No. 4: After Haydn


4 movements, 25 minutes

First performed in August 2009 by the Windermere String Quartet at the Music Port Milford Chamber Music Festival, and at York University, Toronto, in a project made possible by The Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies; subsequent performances in Toronto including at Nuits blanches.

The audio clips come from each of the four movements of the work:

1st movement – the transition from the “development section” (note the use of the Arabic tuning system here) gradually back to the opening material.

2nd movement – here we are moving between soundworlds again, using both Arabic modes and quartertones, and introducing a little surprise!

3rd movement – this is the opening, with all four instrumentalists using period instruments.

4th movement – this introduces most of the finale’s musical ideas.


  • 1
    String Quartet No. 4: After Haydn - 1st Movement Clip
  • 2
    String Quartet No. 4: After Haydn - 2nd Movement Clip
  • 3
    String Quartet No. 4: After Haydn - 3rd Movement Clip
  • 4
    String Quartet No. 4: After Haydn - 4th Movement Clip

Sample Score Pages


“The string quartet clearly has a future, with people writing music like that for it”

(letter from the eminent musicologist Julian Rushton, following a performance of String Quartet No. 4: After Haydn)