Music Research Seminars

On March 1st Dr Frauke Jurgensen will present a Music Research Seminar at University of Aberdeen on - and I quote - "the philosophy, pitch-class set theory and performance" of my song cycle Unidentified Edges. Can't wait to find out what my thought processes really were when I wrote this! Come along!!  

New project for 2018!

Really looking forward to starting the next project! It's going to be a virtuoso piano piece for Masayuki Tayama. Masa is a Japanese-born and London-based pianist with a successful and burgeoning global career (see . He premièred my piano Variations Sassafras Leaves (at St Olave’s London, Leicester Cathedral and University of Toho) at the very beginning of his career in 1999, and was the pianist in a major ensemble work (performed at University of Bristol and Royal Academy of Music in London) at around the same time.