Next Quartet

The first movement of the seventh string quartet is now finished and with the Edinburgh Quartet. Work continues of the remainder. Details of performances and recordings soon to be released....

Music Research Seminars

On March 1st Dr Frauke Jurgensen will present a Music Research Seminar at University of Aberdeen on - and I quote - "the philosophy, pitch-class set theory and performance" of my song cycle Unidentified Edges. Can't wait to find out what my thought processes really were when I wrote this! Come along!!  

New project for 2018!

Really looking forward to starting the next project! It's going to be a virtuoso piano piece for Masayuki Tayama. Masa is a Japanese-born and London-based pianist with a successful and burgeoning global career (see . He premièred my piano Variations Sassafras Leaves (at St Olave’s London, Leicester Cathedral and University of Toho) at the very beginning of his career in 1999, and was the pianist in a major ensemble work (performed at University of Bristol and Royal Academy of Music in London) at around the same time.